Creating a Group

Create your own free dedicated group page in our directory Add content about your services or events you’re hosting. Members can join your group, allowing you to stay in touch with them and engage with your audience. Create unlimited group pages for FREE Add events to your group page Create […]

Sharing Posts and Articles on Social Media

When sharing your posts or articles onto Social Media (Facebook, Twitter etc), it’s best to share the version displayed within the global forum rather than the one from your group page. Visit the global forum and navigate to the forum category page where you created your post against. For example, […]

What is a Profile page?

A profile page is your unique user page on the site. It’s not searchable within the site’s search engine but can be viewed as it’s linked to any events, groups, practitioner listings or forum posts you create. User’s can click your profile link to read more about you if you […]

Creating Forum Posts and Articles

All public posts and articles are displayed in the main global forum here. Click the Forums menu tab from the main menu. The Forums tab aggregates all posts and articles from the mini forums hosted within Groups. Users can search the Groups directory looking for relevant groups near them or […]